Small Town Girl and Spectacular Celebrations

June 2016 at 11:37

I was born in a small town in Virginia – Harrisonburg to be exact! Raised in an even smaller town in Iowa, Storm Lake.


If you were lucky enough to grow up surrounded by a small village – you were lucky just like me!


This city dweller now longs for the comforts and goodness of that small hometown

… the watchful eye of neighbors, the regular gathering of friends after a

ballgame, the part-time jobs for kids, the local police watching over our families and homes, the string of 5-6 stop lights reminding us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the old buildings, small businesses, and the neighbor kids out skateboarding.


One of my favorite memories of small town living … holidays! Holidays in small towns bring events, traditions, shopping, giving, and celebrating. The celebration in Sac City, Iowa {home of molly&drew} includes Chautauqua Days with classic cars ‘scooping the loop’, the main street lined parade and of course, amazing fireworks!


The 4th of July in my small town included THE STAR SPANGLED SPECTACULAR, that doubled our population for one sizzling hot and memorable day every year.


We’d run from one friend’s house to another … eating delicious, available only once a year, kinds of treats along the way! We’d jump in the lake to cool off, get tacos-in-a-bag from a food vendor who stayed up all night preparing … we’d take turns staffing our church fundraising booth and of course we’d watch the bands, listen to the strolling Troubadour walking the sidewalks with his tuba in tow, and we’d enjoy THE BIG PARADE! In small Midwest towns, parades last for an hour (at least!) … there are golf carts, horses, scout troops, school bands, dancers and doctors riding uni-cycles, celebrations of culture and heritage, and of course – tractors on parade!


If you are lucky enough to enjoy a small town celebration this year – you are lucky enough! If you never have … then plan a trip to a small town celebration in your future … open a map, pick a town and know that they will welcome you with open arms.


Cheers to the small towns in the USA!


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