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May 2015 at 21:05

This weekend my sweet, witty, sporty, smart and sassy daughter, Samantha Rose, made her 1st Communion. This is a rite of passage in many families. It marks a time in a child’s life, like so many religious events, where your child puts into practice the grace and wisdom you have worked so hard to weave into their character.


Moms and dads are still trying to make sense of the ‘whys’ of life’s many lessons and somehow, in small moments, we look at our children and those answers are clear. This week my daughter taught me to find grace in the simple things; like tie-dye and cupcakes!

My daughter, like many young girls, loves all of God’s creations – she loves worms and puppies, mom and dad, and all the special people in her life she calls ‘family.’ She loves sports and creative arts and playwriting! This week she aspires to be a Veterinarian or a Mommy when she grows up! Last week it was a decision between Actress and Teacher. It’s our job to say YES YOU CAN! to all of it.


As I watched my little girl put on her fancy dress and ‘high/low' heeled shoes, she reminded me that she too is finding her way in the world, just like me. In a sincere voice (like there was actually a chance I’d say yes) she said ‘Mom, if God really loved me as I am, he’d let me be an individual at my 1st Communion and wear tie dye.’ My mommy heart smiled so big! (We decided to wear a certain item UNDER the dress that was indeed ‘her style’ that only she and God could see!)


I shared with Sami that at meetings I’d love to wear flip flops, but that there is a time to let ‘grace’ stand out more than your individual style. Sometimes joining the flow of uniformity is required, but what you can do to stand out is to sing loudly, smile brightly and show your spunk with your eyes!


It is a delicate balance for children to act reverently, respectfully and be appreciative of all the good in their lives during a special event, while allowing them to have fun and be themselves.   Hmmmm, that sounds like how we often feel challenged as adults too!


As moms do, I planned a gathering to celebrate her special day. We were happy to have lots of family and friends spend the week with us. She got to choose the 10am brunch menu and much to my delight she requested molly&drew Beer Cupcakes! But…she wanted a twist…so I made Butter Me Up! Beer Cupcakes topped with our frosting mix recipe… with a twist! I added in half of our Pina Colada Dip Mix packet. Samantha loved her Buttery Pineapple & Coconut Frosted Cupcakes!


Behind her beautiful dress (I am a thrifty mom too…she wore it a year ago as a flower girl…always recycling!) and fancy ‘up-do’, was a little girl who wanted to wear tie-dye, eat cupcakes. and have fun with her cousins. When she finally laid her head down to sleep she said ‘mom, can you believe how many people love me?’ It is my hope that she feels the love of so many on every day of her tie-dye, puppy lovin’, playwriting, journey!




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