Don't Let Your Goals Derail Your Inspiration!

January 2015 at 10:30

Those who know me, see me as wildly confident. Those who are closest to me get to see Molly the scared girl, fearful of disappointing others or myself.


In business, these fears are a result of rigid goal setting that doesn’t allow for the unexpected or unpredictable nature of business ownership or life itself.


Many entrepreneurs are perfectionists – I am not. I learned a long time ago that I was happier if I stopped short of perfection and celebrated a job well done. Too often I found myself spending 90% of my time on the last 10% of a project or beating myself up in an effort to ‘meet that goal.’ Freeing yourself from that trap is a great feeling!


I set many goals…big goals…but I do it my way. My goals rarely have a beginning or an end. There is seldom any disappointment because my true objective is to continue creating a path built around on-going inspiration that has taken me to amazing places.


Yep, I am a chronic ‘shifter’. You see, setting a goal is often the motivation I need to make something happen. Once I start working on a project – it never, ever, follows the path I first envisioned! So, you see, the goal is a moving target. What was a straight path with a goal shining at the end, pretty quickly moves! I find myself jumping to another path, merging two paths together and sometimes working in a zig-zag pattern.


What does that give me? Freedom for constant inspiration! A single goal will often turn into three or four amazing outcomes. I undershot the original goal (and often can’t even recall what it was) but being open to ‘path jumping’ has always led me to amazing places.


As we start the new year – we focus on goals. What happens? We often break our resolutions by January 15th.


Instead, allow your goals to free-float! You might feel liberated. You might feel inspired and end up accomplishing more than you ever imagined you could!


When molly&drew The Beer Bread Company began to grow, just a year and a half ago…we had less than 1,000 retailers selling our products. We had one Beer Bread Mix and a variety of Dip Mixes. I took the path that felt right; I ran instead of walked, I skipped and sang and didn’t sleep because that was where my goals took me.


Today, my company starts the new year with four flavored Beer Bread Mixes, one amazing Gluten Free Beer Bread Mix, and 18 New Dip Mixes, including Party Size Hot Dip Mixes and Cheese Ball Mixes. Best of all, our mixes are being touted as the most innovative products in the marketplace.



So, in 2015, join me in unique goal setting that allows for imperfection, encourages acceptable risk-taking, invites inspiration, and has the possibility of taking you to amazing places. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Be Inspired! Molly


The Beer Bread Company

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