Fun In The Sun, A Lake Vacation With Amanda Of The Brew Crew!

August 2014 at 10:55

Hi there! Amanda here…it was in my kitchen that this whole molly & drew The Beer Bread Company thing started! Molly asked me to share a little about our summer outings to our "lake house" located an hour north of our shop in the beautiful Iowa Great Lakes.

My husband Chad and I, along with our five little girls are always excited to head north to be able to enjoy making memories and catch a little summertime R&R. Although ‘Rest & Relaxation’ sounds appealing, let’s keep it real… five rambunctious darling divas keep us on our toes at all times but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m not sure how it works when you prepare for a trip, but I always give the "girls...pack a few suits and a couple changes of clothes---NOTHING more!" speech, but before you know it, the whole back end of the suburban is full!

"Everyone in?" I shout above the laughter. I hear five seat belts click and off we go! Ten minutes out of town I hear: “I am so thirsty!” & “I am starving!” ...even though they were all reminded to bring something to drink AND had just eaten their breakfast. It’s time to turn up the tunes…that will distract their thirst & hunger pains, right?

Hearing all five of the girls singing at the top of their lungs makes me smile. Although, they weren’t having any part of my 80’s/90’s rock-n-roll infatuation…so straight to Radio Disney we went. Meanwhile, Chad, reclined in the passenger seat, seemed to be enjoying the music too, snoring to a perfect beat!

Finally, we arrive at our destination. The girls unpack all their necessary belongings (lipstick, five pairs of shoes each, ipods, American Girl dolls, perfume, tape, glue, marbles, etc.---you know, all of those things I said NOT to bring) and head outside.

I make a quick trip to the grocery store to load up on the essentials. Here's a peak at our usual camping menu: beer, we couldn’t go without that…camping and NO beer BREAD? That is unheard of! Graham crackers, Hershey bars, the new flat marshmallows (LOVE THOSE!!) for s'mores, hot dogs, hot dogs, and more hot dogs, buns, chips, corn on the cob and watermelon. At my husband’s request, I pick up ribeyes for the grill and a roast for the crock pot. I pour our dry Zesty Garlic Dip Mix over the roast, set it on low and when we get back from a long day of boating it makes for a delicious meal! I also grab all kinds of junk food, I mean it is vacation…right?

Our weekends away at the lakes are always filled with boat rides, swimming, sun burns (oops), trips to the amusement park, campfires, great food and visiting with fellow campers.

Chaos or not, we stop to appreciate the little things...nature, time together, good food, friends, the laughter and even the tears. You know what? As long as we are doing it together, I don’t care how many wet towels I have to pick up off the floor or how much sand I have to sweep! We are building memories, and that is what vacation time is all about!

I hope you found some time to relax with family and friends this summer. Take a picture and share with us on…at……?

Until next time – Happy Trails and remember, have fun and wear sunscreen!!!


Amanda Lynch

Founder, busy mom of 5 & chief vacation coordinator

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