Keep It Simple

May 2016 at 15:28

Running a business is not easy but it’s not rocket science either. While there are constant challenges I face, I know that I can turn challenges into opportunities that help my team and customers win every day. These challenges are made easier when I put them in my “Keep it Simple” file:

-       What is the problem?  

-       How did it occur?

-       What is the solution? 

Simple questions, right?  Oh, if only things were that easy! I am constantly learning new approaches to building a successful team and a successful business.

As of late, I have extended some well-earned, additional responsibilities to members of the Brew Crew. It was time to let them spread their wings, but I learned that while a simple idea can lead to personal success for my team, a methodical approach to execution was necessary.

Before you think I am sounding too ‘business-ish’, all I’m really saying is I need to create “To Do” lists and “How To Do” lists.

A little bit different and "a lot bit" important, both kinds of lists help me to keep it simple! Sometimes step-by-step instructions are the simple way to solve future, complex challenges. Isn’t it the same with parenting? Keep it consistent and simple … and make lists!

This also made me think about the instructions for making my beer breads and cakes, as well as the recipes we share: “Are they simple? Are they concise?” The answer is YES! SIMPLE works, SIMPLE makes life easier and SIMPLE is delicious!

Suddenly, I’m inspired to make an easy snack: Sweet Onion Garlic Spread or a Mug Cake???? Both are simple enough to make, but choosing … well, that’s the hard part!! 

@beinspired to keep it simple today!


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